• Pet services

    Hotel guests welcome! After hours available for additional charge.


    For when fido needs a lunch break!

    Busy moms and dads are a normal part of city life, between work, school, errands and obligations, it's hard to run back and forth to your home for potty breaks. Unfortunately, new puppies or senior pets don't always get the memo, but that's where we come in! Let us cross one thing off your list with scheduled check-ins. Hotel guests welcome! No extra charge for special needs.


    Dogs: $25. Please add $5 per additional dog.

    Additional daily visit is $10


    Check includes: Potty time, playtime, feeding, short walk, and administering medications if needed and if pet willing. All check in's are 30 minutes, each additional pet will add an extra 10 minutes of time to check in. No per pet charge on additional checks.


    Cats: $18. Please add $2 per additional cat.


    Check includes: water check, feeding, litter box cleaning, brushing/ playing, and administering medication if pet willing. All check in's are 30 minutes. No per pet charge on additional checks.

    Dog Walking

    Exercise? Yes please!

    Exercise plays a big role in your pet's health and your overall sanity. A bored dog means a naughty dog who will likely chew up the house, dig up the yard, or run wild. All pets need exercise to stimulate their brain and their growth, plus it's great socialization! We can help them burn off that steam, whether it's a long walk, or a romp in the park! Hotel guests welcome!


    **Please note: Summer walk requests are limited to early morning or evening only for the safety of your pet, unless they are fitted for dog shoes that we can provide for an additional one time rental fee of $20**



    $25 for a 30 minute walk

    $30 for a 45 minute walk

    $35 for a 60 minute walk


    Overnight Pet Sitting

    Boarding schmording!

    Leaving your pets behind should never be something to worry about when you head out for a business trip or vacation. Leave your furry friends in good hands with us! With in-home pet sitting, we'll keep you updated with periodic check ins and photos. Your pets will stay on their normal routine in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. With lots of love, your pets will stay happy and stress free so you feel secure knowing your home and pets are safe the entire time you're away! We'll even water plants and bring in the mail!


    Rate: $40 - please add $5 per additional pet. (Ghosts are free 👻)


    20% deposit due at time of booking to hold your reservation. Meet and greet must be completed prior to stay. All cancellations must be reported within 24 hours or you will forfeit your deposit. Holidays rates apply.

    **NEW** Nutrition Consult

    For special needs, allergies, and general well-being

    Sometimes it's hard to gauge the right needs for your pets. Let our resident food and nutrition specialist Megan help you out! She can get you on track with the correct nutrition for your pet, recommend the best supplements and help clear up any funky issues related to allergies. Meet with her for a consult to get your pet movin and groovin and in the best shape of their life!


    Call for details!